About Mould

What is mould?

Moulds are just microscopic organisms, that may be present practically anywhere, outdoors and indoors. Along with yeasts and mushrooms mould is conjointly known as fungi. Moulds are present in the world to decompose organic material and recycle nutrients in the atmosphere.

They require a food source for growth which can be any organic stuff, like dirt, paper, wood or leaves along with oxygen. Moulds digest organic stuff and generally destroy whatever grows even on the walls, floor and furniture in case they get wet with moisture. When the moulds start growing on the surface, they appear in different colors such as white, black, brown, grey, green and various other colors. Moulds give away small gametes which flows along with the air. Frequently attached with these are mycotoxins which are the main things that mould affects on the human health.

How does mould affect you and me?

Right from slight allergies like wheezing, discomfort in lungs, throat, eyes, or nose to asthmatic attacks, the ailments that you may suffer from are many. If the stuffs affected by moulds are not cleaned in a proper manner, huge amount of mobile mould agametes may create health hazards for your entire family, people and pets allergic to moulds may cause mycotoxins present in moulds. Facing moulds for a prolonged period of time and the mycotoxins it gives out can prove to be extremely dangerous for your entire family.

How does mould get on a surface?

Mould can move from one surface to another if it is disturbed for instance a swift of wind or trying to clean the mould all by you, may give up tiny agametes in the air that may keep on floating and finally settle at any other surface. If the conditions are appropriate mould may increase population in rapid speed. It is vital that mould related issues should be controlled and cleared by any professional as soon as possible.

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