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Cool Room Cleaning and Refrigeration

Mould Removals Sydney are Your Refrigeration Cleaning and coating experts.

Have you ever felt sick at the sight of your electricity bill or fuel bill?, especially where running refrigeration is essential to your home or refrigeration trucks.

Cool-Room and Refrigeration maintenance cleaning & coating is proven to dramatically improve the efficiency of your cool room.

EcoactivCRC coating is a unique coating applied to the condenser units, coils, fins and fans whether they are situated in commercial and refrigeration truck HVAC units. Which can fundamentally reduce energy consumption due to the hydrophilic and anti-static properties of EcoactivCRC.

Cool-Room cleaning by Mould Removals Sydney removes mould, dirt and contaminants from your Cool-Room and best of all is HACCP compliant. The removal of mould dirt and contaminants from a refrigeration unit will enable your Cool-Room to function more effectively, dramatically increasing cooling and airflow.

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