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Sub Floor Ventilation Sydney

Many older homes throughout Sydney have been built with suspended timber-floors that ensure there are large spacious areas under their flooring.  This area beneath your house is an integral feature of your home and has a multitude of functions.

A key aspect here is the fact that it allows the building to breathe.  Without having the right cross flow ventilation what happens is your floor begins absorbing moisture coiming up from the soil below.  As if that’s not enough of an issue on it’s own it is then compounded by the fact that this will in turn then increase the homes internal humidity.  Timber joists and bearers also then absorb further moisure which leads to mould and wood decay.  This then creates the ideal situation to invite termite activity within your property.

Installing sub floor ventilation undeneath your house can be complicated and made a much more difficult task if the area has been encroached upon.  Often this area can be become blocked by new concrete slabs, it may also not have adequate external vents or the external vents just may not be accesible.

Common indications of poor or inadequate sub floor ventilation are dampness, mould, living rooms that have a musty smell and the deterioration of timber floorboards to the extent that they are begin to rot.  You may also notice the advent of floorboards beginning to convex.

The first thing you should do the begin the process of rectifying this problem is to have your sub floor ventilation checked a by a professional.  You need to make sure that water is not pooling or seeping into the subfloor areas of your home.  External drains should also be examined for breaks and any blockages that may have occured.  Exisiting vents are easily obstructed by soil, plants and shrubs so these also should be checked.  You may also need to clear mud, snails, spider webs and the like from the vents.

The subfloor area is also used by many Sydney householders as an area for storage so clear this area of any concrete slabs, boxes, garden tools and other miscellaneous items.

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